I am new to EDI

If you are new to EDI and you have been asked to trade with a customer using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) you may not understand what is required. We can help with that.


What is EDI?


Put simply EDI is about the exchanging of structured business documentation between trading partners to both speed up and improve the accuracy of the data being exchanged such as orders and invoices. So to get yourselves live with an EDI solution you have several routes to choose from depending usually on a number of factors: –


  • Is your trading partner dictating a type of solution to you?
  • The size of your trading partner? How important are they to you as a business?
  • The rules your trading partner dictates to you (e.g. the number of documents they wish to exchange)?
  • The speed with which your trading partner wants to go live with you?
  • Does your company (or indeed your trading partner) require that you fully integrate the documents going into and out of your internal systems automatically?
  • How much budget is available?


If you wish to discuss this with an EDI consultant at AdvanceFirst please call us on +44 (0)1932 230024 or send us and email to enquiries@advancefirst.com