Why AdvanceFirst?

Set up back in 2003 AdvanceFirst Technologies Ltd has rapidly become one of the most successful specialist EDI companies (EDI Outsourcing and EDI Managed Service providers) in the UK. With over 300 clients in more than 20 countries and five distributors around the world we now also have an established global presence.


When we ask our clients why they chose AdvanceFirst they tell us it is to do with the quality and experience of our staff, our first class EDI solutions, our focus on customer service and our ability to be flexible in the pricing of our solutions to match the requirements of our clients.


AdvanceFirst Technologies are proud of our continued ability to provide very simple or complex solutions to our clients, on-time and within budget, utilising our powerful ‘state of the art’ software tools and our specialist team of experienced implementation and project management consultants.


We are now experiencing a significant upturn in sales of our EDI Outsourcing solution AMOS (Advance Managed Outsourced Solutions) and our EDI Professional Support Services. Our latest service being a 24×7 first and second line support Service for all those clients who need to run a continuous overnight EDI service. The most common reason for the adoption of an EDI Managed Service is as a result of an increasing need for reducing costs and to allow the business to concentrate on core businesses activities. Consequently, we continue to develop cost effective Software Solutions, Outsourcing Services and support capabilities to cater for their growing demands.


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