2 of the most efficient ways in which Amazon sellers can free up their time to focus on growth

As an online seller, what takes up most of your working day? Is it uploading new listings, making edits to your listings, or is it trying to manage your inventory levels, so that when you get that surprise big order, you’re not going to leave yourself short for the next sale?

These are all hugely important and time-consuming tasks that must be completed regularly. They’re integral to the day to day running of your business and have big consequences if you make errors doing any of them. For instance, if you make a repricing mistake, you’re messing with your customer’s expectations in a big way. That’s going to have a knock on effect on your reviews and bad reviews hurt. They’re not just upsetting to read after all the effort you’ve put into company, but they can also damage your reputation and put off new customers from buying from you.

We fully appreciate that an Amazon Merchant must be all things to his or her business. He or she is the sales team, marketing team and the accountant, which is why it feels like you haven’t got enough hours in the day to focus on getting more new sales, when you’re engrossed in the practical means of efficiently getting orders processed and delivered. The only way to give yourself a bit of space from routine tasks is to delegate.

Here are the two ways in which that can work:

  1. You hire somebody else to do all the mundane tasks that take you from order processing to after sales. This will free up your time and give you a fresh pair of eyes on your copy and customer queries. However, with things like listings, your new employee is only going to be able to upload and edit them at the same rate you did. There’s also the same risk of human error. There will be someone else to blame, but wouldn’t you, yourself, rather take responsibility for things which can potentially damage a professional reputation?
  2. Instead of hiring a person to do your work, you could employ an Amazon Business Integration System. It’s kind of like outsourcing your routine order-processing tasks to a really efficient robot, that has been designed to work exclusively with Amazon seller accounts and comes with full IT support, should anything go wrong. It can upload and edit thousands of listings in seconds, it’ll manage your stock levels automatically and perhaps most importantly of all, when you go through busy periods, it won’t let your quality of customer service drop.

To find out all the different functions of Amazon Business Integration, as well as exactly how it could benefit your business, please get in touch. Our team will be able to answer all your queries and give you an idea of just how much time and money this innovative software can save you.

AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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