4 E-Commerce Trends Your Online Business Could Benefit From

With e-commerce growth showing no signs of slowing down, online businesses have a bigger pool of potential customers than ever before. With increasingly digitally focused consumers and a range of sophisticated tools, e-commerce businesses can become huge concerns much more easily than a traditional bricks-and-mortar outfit could ever hope for.

In order to capitalise on all of these opportunities, it pays to be aware of current ecommerce trends to increase engagement and turn shoppers into customers.

Native Video

With people spending so much time on social media – more often than not on a mobile device of some kind – there is a potential audience of billions for your business.

It’s also a fact that audiences on a social platform much prefer native video – video content that appears on the platform – over content they have to journey to another site to see. In fact, Facebook audiences prefer native video content 160 times more than non-native!

This means putting your content in front of potential customers where they want to see it.


You may have noticed in the last couple of years that nearly every online shop you visit now has a helpful member of staff ready to help you – these are chatbots.

When customers are seeking a quick, efficient service or answers to their queries, chatbots deliver. The beauty of these artificial members of staff is that they are available 24-hours a day and that makes customers feel more secure and looked after.

The use of chatbots also marks your business out as one that is technologically forward-thinking and wants to cater to customer needs. A chatbot can help guide customers through purchases, provide product information and resolve queries – and they don’t need to eat or sleep!

Make Mobile Your Primary Focus

Not that long ago, it was a good idea to make optimise your website for mobile, just to be sure you were covering all the bases – with the desktop version of your website the priority. This balance has now flipped.

Now, more people use their mobile devices to shop online than their computer. This might take the form of a tablet or a smartphone but whatever the case, you need to put mobile optimisation at the forefront of everything you do.

With mobile e-commerce traffic set to reach seventy-percent of all online purchases before the end of 2018, it’s a trend you can’t afford to pass you by. 


For e-commerce businesses that are looking to expand and scale-up their business, automation is vital.

An inordinate amount of manpower and time is spent fulfilling orders and interacting with customers. While these are vital elements for an online business, they don’t need to be done manually.

An integrated, automated system – like Amazon Business Integration – can take care of these processes, improving efficiencies and giving you the time to focus on other areas. Automation makes it easier for your e-commerce business to expand.

If you feel like it’s time to up-scale your e-commerce business and need an automated platform to make it a reality, contact AdvanceFirst Technologies today. Our Amazon Business Integration solution takes care of the time-costly manual processes and gives your business the freedom to grow.

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