4 Tech Trends to help you sell more on Amazon


4 years ago we spent an average of 9 hours a day looking at screens. Today we spend an average of 11 hours a day. If you’re an Amazon seller, working on international Amazon sites across different time zones, your screen time will be even higher.

Your screen time usage app will no doubt be having a heart attack about the amount of digital light to which you’re exposing yourself and most of your customer exchanges will be taking place with people you’ve never met, nor are likely to meet, in an online setting. For this reason, tech innovations are going to help you run your business more efficiently. Let’s take a look at 4 of our favourite tech trends.

Tech-managed inventory

You want to grow your business fast, but with minimal hassle when your orders pick up. If you’re not already using Amazon Business Integration, aren’t you worried, you’re going to get a big order, or an unprecedented amount of smaller orders, that you’ll be unable to fulfil? What will you do? Hope your customers will be patient enough to wait for you to replenish your inventory before they leave a reputation-damaging review?

Integration software allows you to keep an eye on your inventory levels across several platforms and will prompt you to order an optimum amount of stock, at the optimum time, ensuring you have enough stock to fulfil an increasing amount of orders, but not so much that you risk ending up with an unsellable surplus.

Bulk editing your product listings

This same piece of tech will also help you widen your range by adding listings easily across platforms and editing product descriptions in bulk. Not having to take care of your stock levels and listings individually will save you a tremendous amount of time, leaving you free to work on strategy and marketing.

Images sell your products

Never underestimate the importance of image quality when creating your listings, but these days, even a professional image shot is not enough. If you want to keep up with the Amazon big boys, then you’ll want to be investing in virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D, so that your customers can zoom in and out to their heart’s delight.

Tech to help ensure you’re future-ready

Amazon’s terms and conditions change all the time and as an Amazon seller, who suddenly finds you’re not compliant, you could find your account is instantly suspended; jeopardising your entire business model. It’s incredibly difficult to keep ahead of changes, if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Amazon Business Integration will keep you abreast of changes that are made, and if this is information that you need to pass on to your customers, then the bulk editing tool will help you add an extra line with the details on every one of your listings in under a minute.

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AdvanceFirst Technologies

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