4 Tips to help you create an effective Amazon seller brand story

Every company has a brand story. It helps customers visualise what sort of supplier you are and decide whether your ethos matches theirs. Even if you’re not instrumental in tweaking your own brand story, through your sales and reviews one will naturally develop, so why wouldn’t you want to be proactive in shaping it? Why wouldn’t you want to control how your customers view your services?


A successful brand story will provoke an emotional reaction in its company’s customers, it will make a company stand out from its competitors and ultimately it should stimulate more sales. In order to get your brand story out there, you’ll first need to decide what’s in it and for that, you’ll need to consider memorable, compelling facts about your company’s history, why you chose the product mix you have, the experiences you have in the industry, the values you hold dear, and possibly also why where your company is located geographically is important to you.


Structuring a brand story and embellishing it with details that will gain a customer’s attention is not in everyone’s comfort zone, so today we’re going to give you a few tips on how to put it together.


  1. Include your origin story, or why you began your company. This is interesting to your customers, particularly if it’s unique. There will be a reason why you set up your business that relates to your character or passions. Make sure you explain it in a fascinating way.


  1. You should then tell the story of your business journey up to the present day, making it relatable to the demographic which constitutes your potential customers.


  1. Your brand story should have a strong call to action. What do you want to achiev by telling it? What sort of emotions do you want to provoke? Is that you want to reflect the values of the people who by from you, or appeal to them in a very local way?


  1. Once you have a handle on what your brand story should be, you need to think about how you’re going to present it to people; what medium you’re going to use, as well as work out which parts of the story are going to work best visually and which parts will be more effective as words. Choose social media channels and advertising routes that will give you the best ROI.


By telling your brand story everywhere online, you’ll be consistent in your approach and no matter where your customers find you, they’ll be getting the same messages; a reflection of your company – controlled by you.


Creating and telling an effective brand story takes time; time which you probably feel like you can’t spare. This we can help you with. An effective EDI Amazon Business system will automate your ordering process to provide you with a consistently higher quality of customer service and give you more hours in your day to work on other important things; like perfecting your brand story. Please get in touch.

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AdvanceFirst Technologies

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