5 EDI Software Trends to Look Out For

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Are you curious as to how EDI marketing will look in the future? If so we are here to make the future clearer by providing you with the top EDI trends that are to come.

Knowing the trends will help you to keep your business in the competition and help to make supplier and demand functions easy and organised. To see what the EDI software trends are going to be keep reading below.

1. Consumer Net Will Expand by Collaborating on a Global Scale

It’s estimated that less than one percent of the companies in the United States export goods. This percentage is the lowest in the world and falls slightly lower than in other developed countries in the world.

When it comes to the US companies that do export goods, more than half of these goods are being sent to only one other country. These numbers show a clear picture of what companies need to do to have competition in the global market.

US companies are going to have to collaborate with business partners because doing it by themselves won’t even be an option. For the buyers to compensate suppliers properly they will need to have their processes automated electronically. This is even true for suppliers to meet the need of their buyers.

By using an automated supply chain process such as EDI software the buyers will be able to pay their suppliers quickly and avoid any supply chain disruptions. When it comes to buyers, EDI software will help them to review invoices quickly and on-demand.

Another benefit suppliers will see from using EDI technology is that it will become easier to comply with the hundreds of different buyer standards. This will reduce the rate of penalties like chargebacks.

2. Better Data Capabilities Will Be Enabled

When it comes to proactive management better data capabilities will be enabled for the company. When businesses work together keeping momentum to move forward can be hard at times. This is because each business involved will have to look at this partnership as a journey and not just see the outcome.

This can also be known as the upward data spiral or the monitoring of data of supply chains and the continuous improvement of how business is done. As the amount of data that enters a business rises, the decision will be made to improve the data’s visibility, ERP, and forecasting capabilities.

This becomes a very predictable way to manage something that can be considered unpredictable by some organisation owners. For example, when it comes to online shopping this platform has made guessing what products will be in demand near impossible. But with the better visibility and data offered through EDI, it can help to see what products will appeal to customers.

3. The Cloud Will Be Embraced

The cloud has been around for years, but with this said there is still a lot of progress to be made when it comes to the cloud’s coding of universal business practices. A majority of warehouses in the US use warehouse management systems, but less than ten percent of them are cloud-based.

It’s projected that shortly more businesses will have their warehouse management systems switched over to a cloud-based infrastructure. For example, when a large business such as a product goods manufacturer transferred from direct sales to a broker model the brokers were incentivised to help gain large clients.

This means the revenue and sales of these companies grew drastically. With the rise of sales also came a rise in demand.

This pool of growing retailers that were selling their own products required a specific EDI compliance capability. These new compliance capabilities helped to distribute products to hundreds and even thousands of distribution points.

By using the power of the cloud, these companies were able to scale their resources and to meet the demand of their buyers, and to expand at their desire without missing out on orders.

4. EDI Will Keep Growing Into 2021

It’s expected that the EDI market will continue to grow well into the new year and beyond. Within the future, the market is even projected to grow faster than in the past.

The reason why EDI is growing and isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon is because of demand. The EDI market is being increased due to the contentious increase in product demand, the growth of disposable incomes, raw material affluence, the forever changing consumption technologies, and innovative products.

When it comes to business this means that any business managing their B2B data manually with quickly become obsolete. EDI is the B2B standard and there is no evidence that this will be changing anytime soon.

Most competitors of your business have most likely adopted EDI practices if they haven’t made the switch already. Switching to EDI will help you stay ahead of the competition and is the key to keeping your business relevant and competitive.

5. EDI Will Offer Great Benefits

EDI software offers additional benefits other than keeping your business in the competitive game. EDI is eco friendly and reduces the usage of paper and postage. Also, EDI will help to enhance the quality of your data by reducing entry errors and improving payable and receivable accounts.


Now You Know the Upcoming Trends of EDI Software

EDI software is essential for businesses to supply and to keep up with demand in an organised and easy way. We have told you about the upcoming trends of EDI such as how it will keep growing into the new year and how consumer net worth will expand. For more EDI information and tips be sure to check out the rest of our website here.

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