5 Reasons Why You Need EDI for Amazon Orders to Keep Up

In 2018 over 1.8 billion people were shopping online. That number is steadily increasing. By 2021 e-retail sales are expected to make $4.8 trillion dollars.

Have you noticed the increase in your online orders in 2020? You are not alone, and this is why you need to consider implementing EDI for Amazon today.

There are many reasons that EDI can help you organize and streamline your business’s online orders.

EDI stands for electronic data interchange. It can also be referred to as data interchange.

Essentially, EDI is a computer amalgamation and process that allows businesses to share documentation and various transactional information with vendors, suppliers, and other organizations that they may be working with.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need EDI for Amazon orders today!

1. Payment Turnaround Times 

These days payments are all being done on applications and by scanning phones. Card payments and credit card payments are being less and less popular.

With EDI, the data is electronically available on all of your systems. This makes payment extremely efficient.

Amazon directly links the purchases made on their site directly to the bank account of the seller using EDI software. Essentially, the payment information is extracted, the information is reformatted into EDI standards, and then sent directly to the business’s bank.

Without the electronic data interchange, this process can not be automated and the payment times will be slower.

2. Improved Analytics 

EDI can help you to be able to track more of your business metrics such as sales revenue and supply chain data. Once you know the numbers better you can improve the areas you need your attention.

In turn, this will help increase your market competitiveness and allow you to plan your trigger events that impact your sales volume.

3. Data Entry Security 

Humans can make mistakes. Computers rarely do. EDI gives you a sense of security because you know that all of your data will be correct if a vendor or customer is looking at what inventory you have or what is in stock.

If your inventory is correct, this eliminates distribution hold-ups, as well as chargebacks for unavailable inventory.

This also eliminates any data entry errors and allows for faster more efficient shipping.

4. Improved Tracking

Have you ever had a problem with an order? The tracking number has gone missing, or someone says they ordered something but the payment has not come through?

That is something that you will not have to worry about if you implement EDI to your business as an Amazon seller.

You will have full visibility over all inventory, sales channels, and orders. So if ever an issue arises, you can quickly tell where the problem is and how you can address it.

Amazon ensures on-time delivery. So you can rest assured knowing that the package delivery and tracking will be handled with the most care.

With reliable tracking and fast delivery, you will have satisfied customers. Satisfied customers tend to leave positive reviews on your products. When positive reviews are left, your SEO scores increase as well as your Amazon performance rating.

All of this is just an added benefit to your business and the success you can achieve when you implement Amazon EDI.

5. Save Your Money and Sanity 

EDI can save your business a lot of money in labour costs. There is no more need for people to be handling physical inventory and no one needs to be processing documentation.

There is also improved accuracy of information. Improved information accuracy will not only make you feel comfortable in your customer service, but there will be fewer complaints and costly mistakes that cost you money or give your business a bad reputation.

You will never have to worry about someone ordering something that is out of stock or unavailable!

One of the most popular solutions right now is web-based EDI. This option is great for securely and easily manage your data in a low-cost way.

Skyrocketing Your Business 

Using Amazon EDI has never been of a greater benefit to your business. Your business will be thriving and your customers will be receiving excellent service.

When EDI is implemented into a business it is a way to create an organization and a better workflow between different destinations.

If a business is working with Amazon, EDI helps with

  • Streamlined communication between your business and Amazon
  • Allows for faster response time when an order is placed
  • Minimized the number of errors that can happen when a human is entering the data
  • Allow for a large capacity for bulk inventory
  • Eliminates the need for extensive paperwork when allowing Amazon to sell your product in bulk

Can you believe over 197 billion people use Amazon each month? Amazon is the place to be as a seller right now, here is everything you need to know about being a seller in 2020.

Start Implementing EDI For Amazon Today

If the amount of orders your business has been receiving is increasing rapidly. It is time to start implementing EDI for Amazon in your business. You will see an increase in efficiency and ease of work.

AdvanceFirst Technologies has been leading the way in EDI software ever since the beginning. The team is ready to lead you through EDI solutions that help your business that can make substantial improvements to your business.

It does not matter if you are just starting to integrate EDI into your business, or if you are looking for a way to expand your existing EDI. AdvanceFirst Technologies offers services to fit everyone’s needs.

AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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