5 Signs it’s Time to Scale Up Your Amazon Business

Running an Amazon business involves a great deal of hard work. Making it a success is even more difficult. But, as you put in longer hours and build reviews, you’ll start to notice more orders – and with that more time spent on things like manual fulfilment and admin. You might be wondering if its time to scale up your operations and move to the next level.

This in itself can be a daunting prospect, with lots to consider and the worry that it might not be the right time to be more ambitious after all. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the five signs that will tell you it IS time to scale up your Amazon business.

You Can’t Keep Up with Demand

If you have customers bombarding you with orders and are concerned about your ability to fulfil them, you’ll understandably find life stressful.

Amid the stretched nerves and frazzled days, there are also lots of positives – in fact, that increase in orders and longer hours at the office are also a sign that your brand has reached enough people and generated enough good will to justify greater investment. This means it’s time to start thinking about more staff, bigger premises and a system that can ease the flow of customers and make order fulfilment a less arduous process. A system like Amazon Business Integration is designed specifically for this purpose, bringing an automated, fully integrated solution to satisfy orders.

You Are Overworked

If you operate an Amazon business and find yourself totally unable to do everything that needs to be done, then your business is probably ready to grow.

It may be time to sit down and assess just what is needed to improve efficiency and make the workload more manageable. This could take the form of additional staff, more capital or an automated Amazon fulfilment system that strips away some of the manual, time-consuming tasks.

You Routinely Surpass Goals

Goal-setting is an important part of any business. If you are at a stage where you smash through set goals, odds are that your business is ready for newer, bigger targets. This may mean upscaling your processes and manpower, but it’s worth it if the business is robust enough to justify these measures.

You’re Running Out of Space

Whether you run your Amazon business from home or from a commercial location, a chronic lack of space is a good sign that your business is already growing – you just don’t have the space to support it!

If you have to work in a chaotic, frenzied environment, then the time has come to consider moving the business up to a higher level. This issue is the business’s way of telling you need more room and better capabilities, so don’t ignore it.

You Have a Proven Concept

If you have been operating for some time and keep seeing growth and the need for increase stock, you may already be in possession of a strong business concept that simply needs more room to grow.

This means assessing things like current and future cash flow to ascertain if the numbers support upscaling. If your forecasts are strong and accurate, you should think about taking your Amazon business to the next level.

If your business needs greater capabilities in order to grow, contact us to find out more about our dedicated solutions for companies just like yours. With powerful automation and integration, we can make your Amazon order fulfilment processes easier and more time efficient, setting you up for growth.

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