5 ways in which Amazon Business Integration can improve your efficiency

As an Amazon seller, you’ll know it’s easy to get distracted when you’re online. You start your day productively and before you know it you know it, you’ve disappeared into a social media wormhole and lost half an hour of your life looking at photos of an old school friend’s dog on Facebook.

According to a number of studies, 65% of employees admit to using the internet during the day for non-work purposes. Do you wish you could improve your own efficiency  by being distracted less, or do you wish you had more time on your hands to surf the internet at your leisure?

Either way, by using an Amazon Business Integration tool, you’re effectively outsourcing some of your more mundane tasks; the tasks that naturally lead to you clicking off what you should be doing out of boredom. It will take on time-consuming sales processes and do them in seconds, leaving you with more free time on your hands to focus on growing your business, as well as offer your customers a consistently high quality of service. Here are 5 of the most useful tasks it can perform.

1. Increase your range fast

Uploading listings takes a lot of time, particularly when you’re doing it in bulk. How much does a single listing take you? Time it! 10 minutes? 15? With its bulk listing tool Amazon Business Integration can list thousands of products across different international Amazon sites in just a few minutes.

2. Edit your listings fast

Imagine you need to make one tiny, but vital, change to your returns policy. Without Amazon Business Integration, you’ll have to edit each listing individually, but with it, the whole process will take seconds. In just one click you can make the same change to each of your thousand listings and then take the rest of the day off with all the time you’ve saved!

3. Reprice your stock automatically

When you’re inputting prices, or changing the price, for each listing individually, there’s a high risk of you getting one of those numbers wrong, simply because you’ll be dealing with so many. Incorrect pricing means unhappy customers and that’s going to reflect in your reviews and hurt your sales. You can avoid that error with an EDI system. The bulk listing tool will ensure you have longer to spend inputting just a few prices. You greatly lower the risk of human error.

4. Better stock and inventory control

Stock management causes a headache for the best of us, but automating it makes life a whole lot easier! You’ll know your stock levels at all times, across all channels.

5. Keep your costs down

By streamlining your order processes, you’ll know exactly what your spend is at all times. You can effectively use your EDI system to keep your costs down.

6. Peace of mind

Having an Amazon Business Integration system is like hiring a robot to work for you. It’s efficient and you know that it’s not going to slack off. It’ll be looking after your order processes 24/7 every day of the year. Plus it comes with full support should anything go wrong.

To order your Amazon Business Integration system, or to simply have an informal chat about how it could benefit your business, please give us a call. 

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