7 Top Ways in which Amazon Merchants can boost their sales

Unless you’re Amazon’s top merchant, then there’s always going to be somebody who’s doing better than you and we’re sure you’re curious about the tactics they employ to sell that little bit more. There is certainly an art to developing a successful online sales business but there’s no mystery involved.

We can break it down for you with these 7 tips to help you not only gain more customers, but also encourage existing customers to take more inventory:


1. Improve your copy:

Your copy is the words employed on your merchant webpage which should be doing the selling for you. If it’s working effectively, your listings will be appearing high up in searches, grabbing its readers’ attention and then persuading them to part with their money, without them even having to query anything. To make your products appear in more searches, you need to ensure your copy contains the relevant keywords and is SEO-friendly enough to appeal to the algorithms that govern Amazon or Google searches. Once your copy has been found by an interested party, it needs to appeal to its human reader. Customers respond well to honesty, being an authority on your product and will be most inclined to buy from you if your product solves a problem for them. To help you write it, do some research into your most successful competitors who are selling the same, or similar items. Read their copy then improve on it. Bear in mind that if you answer every question you expect a customer to ask about the product, you’re simply polishing the route to the checkout; making it more frictionless.

2. Get more reviews:

Reviews are key to both getting higher up the searches and making your company more appealing than your competitor, who sells the same items. To get more reviews, all you have to do is ask. Make sure you follow up your review requests and respond to every single review, good or bad, in order to show how in touch you are with your customers.

3. Use better quality product images:

Are you already showing off every single one of the products you list to its best advantage? Customers respond visually to a product more than you’d imagine, so if one of your photos isn’t as good as it could be and you’re relying on the fact that you believe everyone knows what that particular product looks like anyway – don’t! Bad images make you look unprofessional.

4. Provide follow up emails:

The more attention you pay to your customer, the more likely they are to return, which is why you should respond to every review and send a follow-up email after each sale. It’s a good chance to upsell and show your customers other products you think might interest them.

5. Talk to your potential customers on social media:

People like attention, so if you’re already talking to the people on social media you think might be potential customers, they’re already more likely to use your shop; to deal with the owner they recognise and trust, over your competitors.

6. Offer a money back guarantee:

This eliminates all risk when buying from you and indicates to a potential customer that you’re so sure your customers won’t have any complaints, you’re willing to offer such a deal.

7. Use an Amazon Business Integration tool to streamline your sales processes:

As your sales start to increase, the quality of your customer service may drop. This is a natural response to having less time to spend on your business. By encouraging bad reviews in this way, you’re risking your reputation and your success. An Amazon Business Integration system will ensure that your orders are delivered efficiently and queries answered promptly. Your customer service quality won’t be compromised.

If you’d like to find out more about how our EDI system can make your life easier and save you money, please get in touch.

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