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A Major Oil producer, who have been a client of AdvanceFirst since 2003, have, over the years, extended the solution across their entire European infrastructure.

The solution handles the Ordering requirements of over 100 customers in various countries, including Russia!  This has included all the usual document types, such as Orders, Order Responses and Invoices to name just a few.  Additionally, many special subsystems have been developed and none more interesting than the recent development of OilFox.

Oilfox is the solution to a need to address automatic refilling of storage tanks containing various lubricants across Europe, developed in conjunction with their Head of Customer Delivery.  Sensors in the tanks monitor the level of fluid and automatically send a notification when the volume reaches a certain threshold percentage of the full tank.  AdvanceFirst use that notification to automatically generate a replenishment order which is then passed to the lubricant supplier.  A delivery is arranged and the tank refilled before it becomes an issue.

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AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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Since 2003 AdvanceFirst Technologies has rapidly become one of the most successful specialist EDI companies in the UK with hundreds of clients and connections around the world.

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