AdvanceFirst Progress and Growth Update

AdvanceFirst recently celebrated its 10th birthday and the business, whilst growing slowly but steadily through a difficult economic period, especially over the last five years, is now starting to experience far more significant growth. 2013 has been their most successful year to date for generating new business and they expect the second half of 2013 to accelerate their revenue growth even further.

What has caused this? Well, a number of significant factors…

Firstly, the continued growth in the AMOS (Advance Managed Outsourced Solutions) side of the business with five new clients having implemented outsourced EDI solutions in the first half of the year. These all produce a healthy annuity stream adding to the financial strength and resilience of the business.

Secondly, the emergence of two major projects that AdvanceFirst has been investing heavily in over the past six to nine months. One in the Catering/Hospitality food supply industry and the other in the Logistics sector. They are expecting both of these business streams to double in size each year for the next 3 years which should in turn more than double the size (and annuity stream) of AdvanceFirst Technologies as a business. (Watch this space for further press releases on the progress of these projects).

What does this mean for their business? Well most importantly it will show through in the quality of the services they are able to offer their clients. They are currently in the process of doubling the speed and capacity at their UKFast hosting site. They are also improving their resilience by building a third mirrored set up at their offices in Shepperton to back-up the twin fully raided servers they already have in operation at UKFast. This will mean a much better quality of service to their clients from both a performance and resilience perspective. They are also looking to recruit new people to join their technical team in a number of roles but with a focus on development and support, providing a more focussed service to their major accounts.

AdvanceFirst are looking forward to seeing how the business progresses for the remainder of 2013 and into 2014, but so far things are progressing well.

AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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