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A new Purchase to Pay System for the Catering and Hospitality sector has arrived from Fretwell Downing Hospitality (FDH) in association with AdvanceFirst Technologies (AFT).

Fretwell-Downing Hospitality and AdvanceFirst Technologies recently announced that they had signed a partnership agreement to produce a comprehensive Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) e-Solution for the Catering and Hospitality industry to introduce numerous efficiencies by automating the flow of data between catering/hospitality customers and their food suppliers.

FDH and AFT have worked together to design a Purchase-to-Pay/EDI solution based on agreed document formats and specifications. ‘Saffron P2P’ is available as an additional module within FDH’s Saffron Catering Management Solution which provides users with a complete end to end, streamlined back office system.

Peter Thomas (Managing Director of AdvanceFirst Technologies Ltd) stated recently “The Saffron P2P solution will enable users of the highly successful Saffron Catering Management Solution to not only create menus and orders based on any required nutritional standards but build those orders from approved supplier catalogues which the food suppliers can make available, and subsequently update as required, through the Saffron P2P e-solution.

“Once generated the orders can be exchanged immediately via EDI directly into the internal systems of the food suppliers utilising various communication technologies dependant on the capabilities of the food suppliers. In addition to orders, other documents which have been released this year include Invoices, Credits, Advance Shipping Notifications (ASN’s) and Catalogues.”

“Improvements in efficiency provided by the Saffron P2P e-Solution will generate huge benefits to not only the catering/hospitality providers but also to their food suppliers, making the whole supply chain much more efficient, in turn taking cost out of the supply chain and ultimately providing a far better service to the end consumer.”

Nick Prime (Managing Director of Fretwell-Downing Hospitality) adds

“With the ever increasing pressure on rising food prices and tightening margins, catering and hospitality providers are looking for creative and efficient methods of reducing costs in the supply chain. By fully automating what has traditionally been a manual process, the Saffron P2P solution streamlines the ordering to payment process, automatically validates and checks purchase transactions for contract compliance, and removes the lost, delayed or ghost documents. You get full visibility and auditablity of your purchasing.

By extending the functionality of our Saffron Catering Management Solution to include Saffron P2P, we are enabling both our users and their suppliers to benefit from the exchange of electronic orders and purchase documentation between their management systems; this in turn provides our users with a complete end to end solution which improves efficiency and accuracy of their entire operation.”

AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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