Amazon Seller 101: The basics of selling on Amazon


If you’re just getting started selling online, then there’s no bigger platform that Amazon. This is where the money is and Amazon makes successful entrepreneurs of its merchants every day, just as long as you understand how to play the game and get ahead of the competition. Today we’re going to give you an overview of Amazon best practise, along with selling tips, to help you make the most of your online business.


As an Amazon seller, the mix of products you have in your range are key. You’ll need a few niche items to attract a very targeted audience, with little competition, as well as a few highly desirable products, sold by many, but discounted by you as a lost leader, that simply points customers in the direction of the related items you’re stocking at full price.

Pricing structure

Getting your prices in line with those of your competitors, or ideally a few pence less, will be a source of constant aggravation to you if you’re not using an integrated software tool to help you. All good Amazon sellers will fluctuate their prices regularly to ensure maximum profit when demand is high, or to sell more products than their competitors when demand is lower. Getting the right price will keep you at the top of the search listings and being on the first page of your buyer’s search listings should always be your goal.


Getting to the top of search is the best way of getting your products seen by the people who might like to buy them. SEO is key in this, so ensure your product descriptions contain relevant, originally-worded content and that your images are of a high quality. Good customer reviews will also help the Amazon algorithms smile upon you, so make sure you always ask for a review after a purchase has been made.

Your customer service quality will be taken into account too, but again the Amazon Business Integration software will help keep you on top of your inventory, allowing you to continue to fulfil orders well, as well as enable you to bulk edit product listings.

Delivery and returns

Have a system in place for dealing with both delivery and returns, and make sure you specify your processes in your terms and conditions to manage customer expectations. Being future-ready for your orders will help you provide a better level of service and in this way set you apart from your competitors.

These are just the basics of getting started selling on Amazon, but of course, once you’ve started finding your feet and shifting a few items, it’ll also be worth looking at the Amazon Fulfilment Program, the Amazon Revenue Calculator, to ensure you’re squeezing enough profit out of each product, as well as the opportunities that Amazon Prime offers.

One thing we do know is that to free up your time, to take your business to the next level, Amazon Business Integration is very useful. It’ll give you more time to plan your growth strategy, whilst speeding up the mundane tasks. Give us a call to find out more. We’ll be happy to answer the questions you may have about selling on Amazon.

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