Bakkavor Bread rise to the challenge of their customers through the power of AMOS

Bakkavor Bread rise to the challenge of their customers through the power of AMOS 1Bakkavor specialise in making and developing private label prepared foods for the top global grocery retailers and well-known international foodservice operators. Bakkavor are committed to supplying outstanding quality, value and service to our customers. At Bakkavor we focus on doing things the right way: ensuring we consider the needs of those that matter to us as well as reducing our environmental impact where we have direct control.

Bakkavor Bread have been a longstanding customer of AdvanceFirst Technologies, first implementing Intercept-400 through the iSeries, but as business grew and having more and more complex customer requirements, Bakkavor Bread outsourced EDI, using the AdvanceFirst Technologies platform, AMOS (Advance Managed Outsourced Solutions).

“Connectivity issues based on our geographical location has always been a problem” explained Jamie Yale, IS Manager at Bakkavor Bread. “By utilising AMOS and having a fully hosted solution within AdvanceFirst Technologies data centre, this was a perfect solution to resolve our issues”.

Although Bakkavor Bread were originally using AdvanceFirst Technologies Intercept-400 product, there were other business processes that Bakkavor Bread wanted to undertake and these were not as viable by just using Intercept. Due to the connectivity issues occurring too, Bakkavor Bread moved over to AMOS seamlessly and crucially their existing EDI customers didn’t need to change anything, which was one of their prime objectives. As Bakkavor Bread grew in size, so did their supply chain and specifically more complex processes were being put in place. Utilising the highly experienced AdvanceFirst Managed Service team, Bakkavor Bread are the first company in the division to fully automate, orders, picking lists, delivery confirmations, ASN’s and invoices. With real-time information being processed and delivered to Bakkavor Bread, AMOS was the right move for Bakkavor Bread.

“Having the power of AMOS at our finger tips allows us to know with confidence that we can fulfil any of our customers EDI requirements” commented Jamie.


“Furthermore, AMOS allows us to work on internal projects that we thought weren’t possible. Automating real time data to our warehouse was a massive project to us internally, but AdvanceFirst Technologies made this simple and viable” said Jamie


“We have always had a great working relationship with Bakkavor Bread and have always been able to provide solutions to fulfil Bakkavor Bread’s requirements. AMOS currently has trading relationships with Bakkavor Bread’s Customers, Warehouse and 3PL. Suppliers are next on the horizon. AMOS allows Bakkavor Bread to have trading relationships throughout all aspects of their supply chain” commented AdvanceFirst Consultancy Service Department.


  • AMOS Solution removes all the complexities and day to day concerns of electronic trading
  • No VAN costs to you or your trading partners. Your trading partner is provided with Ultra-Secure communications software installed in minutes via a simple download.
  • By using AMOS, should you wish to take the operation in-house, we will work with your company to migrate, manage and implement this change.
  • Experience with our users shows that the demands of customers are becoming more varied and diverse and vary across a wide variety of messages types and communication methods. With AMOS, all you need to do is to send your standard documents to AMOS and we’ll do the rest, leaving you to deploy your IT resources on mission critical applications and the core business.

Call 01932 230 024 to find out how much we can save you in time and cost by using AMOS our EDI Outsourcing Solution.

AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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