The Best EDI Technologies You Need to Know About

old fax machine that can be replaced by EDI technologies

The cost of doing business in the UK continues to rise year after year. You run a successful company, but to stay competitive you must watch your costs. And you must regularly re-evaluate your efficiency and productivity.

If this sounds like you, then keep reading. Because you will learn how EDI technologies can help your business to not only decrease costs but also increase efficiency and productivity.

Don’t worry if you feel lost, we’ve got you covered. We will explain what EDI is and then show you how it can help your business today.

What Is EDI?

Typically, if a business needed to share documentation with another business, they would have an office assistant copy the document and mail it. Then came the invention of the fax machine. Documentation could be shared instantaneously.

Offices around the world celebrated the immediacy of being able to fax a document anywhere they needed to. However, each business still needed an employee to send and receive the fax.

Today there is a better way.

Today we can share documentation instantaneously and without any human interaction needed. As businesses continually work towards globalisation and automation, the advantage of document sharing electronically is taking hold.

The post office, the fax machine, and even email are all being replaced by EDI technology. Electronic Data Interchange now allows businesses to exchange vital business documents from computer to computer automatically.

Imagine an eCommerce company in New Hampshire that has a website selling bobbles and widgets. Someone in Florida purchases 100 bobbles. The EDI is programmed to automatically send the purchase order to the company in New Hampshire and the invoice to the buyer in Florida.

Meanwhile, the warehouse in San Francisco is busy sending out the bobbles immediately. Phone calls, faxes, and emails are all obsolete in this automated system.

Additionally, imagine an accounting firm that no longer needs to store several years worth tax forms for all their clients. Everything is stored in a secure server offsite and each client can access their files at any time with a secure user name and password.

All of this is possible with the advantages of EDI.

Why Your Business Should Use EDI Technologies

You’re a smart business person. Imagine if this was your new reality. Imagine if you could access all your files from anywhere at any time.

Imagine if your clients could access their secure files without needing to call your office and have someone send it over. Imagine the cost and efficiency savings this could provide your business.

All of this is possible with cloud-based sharing and secure servers around the world. Suppliers, those in the retail sector, and service consultants everywhere are embracing the advantages that come with being able to electronically transfer their documentation.

EDI will simplify your daily workday, your communication, and of course, your document sharing.

The idea of keeping all your business’ important documentation in a virtual server that can be accessed from anywhere sounds great. But how can your business translate that into reality?

The answer is to outsource it to a managed service provider such as Advance First.

So, if you don’t have adequate space or budget for an in-house IT department, consider outsourcing this vital EDI capability to an expert.

How We Can Help Your Business

We can help you with our stellar customer service and custom EDI solutions. We have been helping companies just like yours since 2003 and we are certain we can help you as well.

Our solutions give you the capability and benefits of EDI without the high cost or complexity. With our web-based solutions, your small business can still enjoy the benefits while staying within your budget.

Our EDI integration software can help your business see incredible results with improving your efficiency and profit margins. We have several options for you to choose from based on the needs of your business.

Large businesses might need a completely in-house point to point EDI. While other businesses can benefit from a point to multi-point VAN or web-based cloud computing solutions. Here at Advance First, we offer all solutions and can customise each one to fit your specific needs.

So, stop getting frustrated the next time you need a particular document, and the person responsible for it is out sick. Stop wasting time trying to remember how you organized your filing cabinet. Instead, take advantage of the latest technology has to offer and start housing your important documentation in a way that everyone can have immediate access.

Incorporate your own EDI system so that you and all your employees and clients can access the information they need when they need it. Increase your productivity while also decreasing your costs. It’s a simple business decision and one that we can help you implement right away.

Integrate EDI Tech Today and Watch Your Productivity Soar

Now that you know more about the electronic sharing of documents, you need to ask yourself, would you like to decrease your administrative and overhead expenses? Would you like to offer better customer service and immediate documentation?

You can with EDI technologies. 

The benefits are clear. And with our expertise and ease of use, you’re sure to see and feel the rewards right away. Don’t waste another minute losing out on productivity and missed phone calls, let’s get you started with EDI and watch your efficiency increase and costs decrease.

To learn more about our customised solutions and to see our signature stellar customer service in action, contact us today. We look forward to showing you how our EDI solutions can help your business for future success.

AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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