Rapid, high volume catalogue connections for fast order placement

Do you need to interrogate stock availability and place orders rapidly?

There is a growing requirement across almost all industry sectors for suppliers to upload sometimes complex catalogues for their customers who in turn need to be able to interrogate stock availability and place an order against that stock very rapidly. To be able to cater for this AdvanceFirst Technologies have to satisfy two main requirements.

Firstly AFT can now accept catalogue data in a wide variety of formats and using our system, validate those catalogues using numerous criteria as requested from both the customer and supplier. Once validated only then can the stock be made available to customers. We have been doing this for years now in both the automotive after care market and in the catering industries where lead times are short.

Secondly AFT have developed a bespoke system that enables customers to make high volumes of connections to that catalogue (sometimes thousands in a minute) at the same time to enquire on stock availability and place orders against that stock.

There are multiple applications for this technology and if any of it seems as though it might be of use to your company then please contact us as soon as possible and we would be pleased to meet with you and show how it could be utilised by your business/supply chain to the best possible effect.  

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