EDI for CargoWise One Integration

A comprehensive set of EDI services to WiseTech Global customers

AdvanceFirst Technologies are leading EDI and Integration specialists with over 300 clients worldwide. Playing a major role in a number of European and African logistics projects, we offer a comprehensive set of EDI services to WiseTech Global customers. Highly experienced in this area, with many medium to large ‘Cargowise One’ clients already exchanging around 10 different message types with their own clients, across differing countries/continents.

Activities undertaken:

  • Message definition
  • Map creation any standards
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Translation
  • Integration to/from e Adapter
  • Full Testing and Implementation
  • Communication set-up (i.e. FTP, EDI VAN, AS2 etc)
  • Provision of a Fully Managed EDI Service. Advance Managed
  • Outsourced Solutions (AMOS), to house and operate the maps and communications.
  • EDI Disaster Recovery
  • In-house EDI solutions implemented as an alternative to AMOS
  • AMOS or In-house Operational training
  • Map development training, if required, for In-house solutions
  • Hybrid of ͚managed Service͛ and own map writing available
  • Technical EDI/Integration consultancy
  • Commercial Supply Chain consultancy
  • Secure Managed File Transfer option
  • Community development
  • Free quotation on request

Typical documents produced for Translation/Transformation and communication to and from Cargowise One include:

  • Shipments
  • Bookings
  • Pick lists
  • Invoices
  • Stock transfers
  • Receipt confirmations
  • Shipping orders
  • Shipping confirmations
  • Warehouse inventory
  • Consolidations

WiseTech Global is an innovative, multi-award winning global developer of cloud based software solutions for the international and domestic logistics industries. Their leading product, Cargowise One, provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive end to end logistics solution in the world and forms and integral link in the global supply chain. With clients holding more than 100,000 licenses across a customer community of 5,000 sites and 105 countries, WiseTech Global breakthrough software solutions are renowned for their powerful productivity, extensive functionality, comprehensive integration, deep compliance capabilities and their truly global reach. For more information visit www.wisetechglobal.com

EDI Services

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