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Keeping our clients ahead of the game

The need to constantly develop new technology

The rapidly changing electronic trading environment and the need for more companies to fully integrate their complex supply chains means AFT must always stay at the forefront of technological developments, giving our clients the best possible managed service.

Integration must now happen not just to our clients own customers and suppliers but also to the suppliers of those suppliers, improving the flow of information up and down the supply chain and in turn delivering multiple benefits, such as lower stock holdings and being more responsive to customer requirements to name but a few.

It is getting more and more complex out there. How some of our clients coped with the requirements of their EDI environments with multiple trading partners using multiple document types via multiple methods of communication without the help of a managed service provider such as AFT, we just don’t know.

Now we manage all that complexity for all our clients utilising our latest AMOS.Net software.

AMOS.Net Features


A multi-tenant solution is an efficient way to support multiple users running on the same software instance where each tenant has their own separate and secure data. This also provides an efficient basis for providing SaaS (software as a service).

Any number of tenants can share the same software environment, although when required for performance reason, a single user may have a dedicated system. Any number of multi-tenanted systems can be hosted on a single Windows server. This allows us to cater for a much higher number of managed service clients regardless of volumes.

Multi-Threaded / Asynchronous Task based processing

Multi-threading enables the concurrent running of workflow tasks. Rather than each task being executed serially, one after the other, AMOS.Net will run them in parallel while also synchronising the workflow.

This ensures that a single process does not cause processing delays for other tasks. This enables our systems to cater for much higher volumes with no loss of performance. Providing a more efficient service to all our clients.

Rules based Routing

AMOS.Net includes a powerful rules-based routing functionality where on receipt data is analysed to determine which rule to trigger. Each triggered rule has then a range of actions that can be applied to that data/file.

For example, an incoming order can be translated into numerous document formats if required and each one forwarded to a different recipient or application for further processing.

Stream based processing

Rather than create multiple physical copies of the data as it progresses through the workflow, internally AMOS.Net moves the data between workflow steps using internal ‘streams’ to provide a more efficient solution tailored to your business requirements.

Multi Communications support

Now all EDI or managed service software and systems must be able to cope for a wide range of communication environments –

AMOS.Net supports multiple communications protocol:

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • AS2
  • GXS
  • AMMX (Advance Managed Message eXchange) – AFT’s own ultra-secure managed file transfer system.
  • Others by request

Client/Server Architecture

AMOS.Net has a Client/Server architecture. This allows any number of remote Clients to connect securely over SSL connections to the Server to access the management and support facilities.

Encryption and Security

AMOS.Net implements and supports all the latest encryption and authentication technologies, including AES128, AES256, AES-128 RSAES_OAEP, AES-256 RSAES_OAEP and SHA128, SHA256, SHA512.

This is now becoming important as more and more companies move away from what are now obsolete technologies such as 3DES and SHA1.

Microsoft x64 .Net Solution

AMOS.Net is built using the latest Microsoft .Net environments, including x64 bit for better server performance and scalability.

Detailed Transaction logging

Detailed logging is maintained for every transaction which passes through our systems. This enables support queries and issues to be resolved in a timely and efficient manner and in turn enables us to provide a first-class support serve to all our clients.

In addition, extensive diagnostics are provided for AS2 connections which can sometimes be troublesome to investigate and resolve.

Multi-format data transformation

  • ANSI X12
  • Tradacoms EDI
  • XML
  • CSV
  • Excel


It depends on your company’s choice of required notification but typically we can use Email, including formatted, customised layouts and SMS.

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