Trading Community Portal

A New Methodology For Growth

The simplest way of getting you and your trading community involved is to design and configure a trading portal for you to show them.

With all the required information and systems needed to help them get up and running as soon as possible with minimal investment it is a very fast way of growing your trading community.

Our experience has shown that the size of the benefits achieved by companies who implement EDI is directly proportional to the size of their electronic trading community.

With that in mind AdvanceFirst have evolved a new methodology for growing our clients trading communities. We thought a lot about the difficulties faced by companies who wish to gain greater benefits of EDI by integrating the technology up and down their supply chains.

The main problems we identified were:

Getting the core messages out to our trading community

Making it as simple as possible for our trading community to adopt the technology

Finding the appropriate EDI solutions

Our solutions to these are:

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