EDI Communication

ABC Suite: Advance Communicator


One of the most important modules that go to make up the Advance Business Collaborator (ABC) suite of software is the powerful edi communications front end, ‘Advance-Communicator’.

Advance-Communicator automatically manages the exchange of data with your trading partners according to their individual preferences (controlled through trading partner profiles). Some may wish to use an EDI VAN such as Tradanet while others use FTP, AS2 or e-mail.

Universal gateway module – contained within Advance-Communicator can manage document exchange via numerous routes:-

  • AS1
  • AS2
  • Tradanet
  • EDI*Express
  • Information Exchange
  • FTP remote (Where your system connects to a remote FTP server)
  • FTPS remote (Same as FTP remote but with SSL encryption for added security)
  • FTP local (Where your trading partners connect to your FTP server)
  • FTPS local (Same as FTP local but with SSL encryption for added security)
  • Simple e-mail
  • Signed e-mail
  • Encrypted e-mail
  • Signed and encrypted e-mail
  • HTTP (Where data is sent to your trading partners web server)
  • HTTPS (Same as HTTP with SSL encryption for added security)

Used in conjunction with the Advance-Integrator module, multiple formats can be created from a single document type and delivered to other applications (via API’s) or folders within a business.

Features Summary:

  • Multiple message management
  • Multiple Trading Partner management (via partner profiles)
  • Comprehensive communication capability(Universal Gateway Module)
  • High speed VPN connections to the Tradanet, Information Exchange and EDI*Express value added networks
  • Full security (Digital Signatures, Error checking and Encryption)
  • Full auditability for all documents (date sent, date received etc)
  • Maintains a full and detailed audit trail of every file sent and received
  • Designed for total automation and lights-out operation
  • Automated e-mail based alert system to report problems or potential problems such as overdue files or files incurring VAN storage charges
  • Automated notification system for machine-to-machine feedback (allows your systems to capture progress information in near real-time)
  • Uses up-to-date XML and XSL technology for superb functionality and speed
  • Easy to use, fully configurable user front-end

When Advance-Communicator is used in conjunction with ‘Advance Integrator’

  • Ultra-fast transformation of EDI, XML CSV and flat file data into multiple output formats including CSV, flat file, XML, EDI and HTML
  • Powerful routing functions to automatically disseminate business information quickly and reliably in whatever format the individual or business system requires
  • Allows structured data such as EDI and XML to be represented in a human readable format for delivery to trading partners who cannot process structured data directly (perfect for remittance advices, statements, orders, order confirmations, invoices and credit notes).
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