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ABC Suite – Advance Information Broker

The complete B2B Corporate Gateway. Powerful integration, data transformation and data communication software.

The total solution for an IT Director / IT Dept.

What are the greatest problems facing an IT Director today?



Gaining total visibility of all incoming and outgoing data within the business, monitoring both safe and secure arrival and departure.


Controlling all data movements both within the business and externally with trading partners.


Passing data from one application through to another application on a different platform in a simple secure and auditable way.


Changing data from one format to another format to allow communication with another system/application or external trading partner. Also the ability to take intelligent action on any data that comes into or out of the business: –

  • Transforming that data from one format to another (e.g. CSV to XML)
  • Taking several different views of that data and passing them through other applications or people within the business
  • Producing management reports etc


Maintaining a complete end to end application to application audit trail for all data movements (in many company SOX compliance). Satisfying all compliance requirements.


Ensuring fully secure and auditable communication of data files both internally and externally.


The growing need to be able to satisfy varying demands of customers and suppliers for sending and receiving business data in differing formats via numerous routes and methods such as:

  • EDI via VANs or direct via the internet
  • Direct point to point data exchange
  • Exchanging data via a secure web site
  • Populating remote databases with product code files

Advance Information Broker provides an IT director with the ability to satisfy all the above requirements through a single interface in a straightforward easy to manage package based on an Intel server.

Advance Information Broker is the latest “flagship” addition to the Advance Business Collaborator suite of software solutions. It is, in effect, Advance Enterprise Server working alongside Advance Managed Message eXchange (AMMX). Put simply it allows an IT Director, or small IT Department to control all the data flows within the business via a simple send and receive secure and auditable private mail boxing system.

By utilising the AMMX communication protocol “SAFE” unique to AdvanceFirst Technologies, Advance Information Broker can provide your company with all the end-to-end auditability (fully SOX compliant) and security required both within the business externally with trading partners.

No more worries about how to move data around the business or between disparate or legacy systems. Advance Information Broker will take care of it for you and make sure all your data is delivered and collected securely with a full audit trail made available to you as and when required.

Advance Information Broker provides the user with one of the most powerful integration, data transformation and data communication software solutions available.

Benefits of Advance Information Broker:

  • Intra and inter company (mail boxing, store and collect) data exchange facility
  • External reach for secure and auditable data exchange or direct EDI with trading partners
  • Full end to end audit, date and time sent and received
  • File or document receipt notification
  • Full error/integrity checking
  • Low Cost
  • Fully SOX compliant. Meets all compliance requirements
  • Easy and fast to implement, requiring no major hardware investment
  • No transaction or service based charging
  • Central file brokering delivers greater control to IT function
  • Full inbound and outbound data transformation capability (XML, EDI, .CSV, Flat File, HTML, Binary)
  • Powerful routing capability
  • Ability to take several views of same document and pass through to different applications or locations in different formats
  • Ability to take action on specific fields in the data
  • API’s allow remote applications to be triggered by inbound or outbound data
  • Ability to communicate outside the business via most communication routes:- (e.g. AS1, AS2, FTP, SFTP, EDI VANs, HTTP, HTTPS, Encrypted E-Mail)
  • Data Transformation and Communication controlled through a simple trading partner profile system

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