EDI for IBM iSeries

ABC Suite – Advance-i400 (formerly Intercept-400)

The electronic commerce solution for the IBM iSeries / System i / AS400 platform

Advance-i400, (formerly known as Intercept-400) is part of the Advance Business Collaborator suite of electronic trading solutions from AdvanceFirst Technologies.

It provides users with a fully functional gateway into the world of electronic commerce. If you are an IBM AS400, iSeries or System i user, it will satisfy all your electronic commerce requirements in a single software solution that is both easy to implement and manage. Being designed specifically for the IBM AS400 and iSeries environments, usability, performance, high functionality and security are paramount.

Every Advance-i400 implementation comes with a full range of installation and mapping consultancy, project management (from planning to live), on-site training and comprehensive helpdesk support.

Advance-i400 provides the performance, functionality and flexibility to support all your EDI requirements both now and in the future.

In the hands of AdvanceFirst Technologies, Advance-i400 is absolutely future-proof.

Features and functionality Overview

Advance-i400 is positioned as an ideal solution to your business requirements due to:

  • Rich set of native AS/400 System i Communication options.
  • Powerful Data Integration and Transformation
  • Complete End-to-End Document Tracking & Auditing
  • Proactive Alert Facility
  • Report Generation
  • Graphical User Interface (Administration Client) – Optional
  • Full EDI standards and mapping (XML, Tradacoms, ANSI, Edifact etc) support. Native XML mapper

Complete Message Management

Complete Message Management is available through the standard functionality of Advance-i400 providing:

  • History of data transactions
  • Duplicate Checking
  • Specification of Data Retention Periods
  • Capability to trace messages
  • Filter Data based on User Preferences

Customer Services

A full range of customer services and ongoing support is provided for all Advance-i400 users

  • Regular Advance-i400 training course
  • Intermediate and Advanced courses
  • Onsite client specific training available
  • Full helpdesk facilities
  • Full technical audits undertaken
  • All document mapping requirements catered for
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