EDI Gateway

ABC Suite – Advance Enterprise Server

The Enterprise server variant of ABC allows multiple users with differing requirements to access the central ABC server simultaneously.

Authorities can be set on a user-by-user basis to accurately define what each user is allowed to do. For example, a system administrator may be permitted to perform any task while a warehouse user may be granted ‘view-only’ access.

Advance Enterprise Server, combines all the attributes of Advance-Integrator together with Advance-Communicator providing a powerful and resilient multi-user, B2B gateway capability giving our clients: –

    • Unlimited Trading Partner Connectivity using the full range of communications protocols and document standards or customised messages to enable your business to take full advantage of Electronic Trading both inter-company and intra-company.
    • Unlimited System Users with secure access rights assigned through the powerful administration functions. This can provide users with any level of visibility, utilisation and management of document flows deemed necessary and appropriate for the business.
    • Secure, Fast and Fully Auditable Communications enabling full reach to any trading partner anywhere whether via the Internet, VAN, Private Network or Electronic Trading exchange
    • Integration with Multiple Applications or Systems using the transformation and routing functions to deliver data, in the required format, to the individuals or systems that need it.
    • Optimised real-time client updates vital business information being passed around the business in real time, all the time, no refresh buttons, no request for update.
    • Total Control and Fail-Safe Management through rigorous and continuous integrity checks, monitors and alerts for operating in a ‘lights out’ 24/7 operating environment.
    • High Performance – very high levels of performance achieved even on modest hardware.
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