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ABC Suite: Advance Integrator

Allow numerous documents to be formatted, exchanged and integrated with business partners as fast as possible and for the least possible cost

At the core of all successfully electronic trading is not only a flexible, powerful, secure and auditable communications front-end such as ‘Advance-Communicator’, but also an ability to transform data into sometimes numerous formats and pass it into different applications either within the business or into those of your trading partners.

Thus allowing numerous documents to be formatted, exchanged and integrated with business partners as fast as possible and for the least possible cost.

Just a few of the main features of Advance-Integrator are described below, but if you wish to know more please call us to arrange a demonstration: –

Data Transformation

When important business documents either enter or leave the business they have to be transformed into or out of the trading partner’s document format (sometimes multiple formats). Advance-Integrators’ powerful transformation engine can manage multiple conversions of a single document by first converting it into an intermediate XML format.

This can then be processed by one or more XSL style sheets to generate an EDI, XML, HTML, .CSV, flat-file or HTML file according to the needs of the business and the trading partner. Each one of these can then be integrated into other applications, before continuing with the normal document processing routine (e.g. Invoices can be transformed into a standard in-house format and archived before processing).

This same capability can be used to integrate different applications within the same business, taking output from one application and transforming it into a format for another application prior to secure delivery.


Advance-Integrator can also be set up to initiate other programs automatically using API’s. For example, via the routing function, it can initiate a program machine, instructing it to collect and process a newly transformed file of data.


For users requiring an ability to take intelligent action on incoming or outgoing documents (different views or formats for different applications) the Advance-Workflow module (business rules router) contained within Advance-Integrator should suit all your business needs.

Using simple instructions for every document that passes through Advance-Integrator, each document (based on trading partner, document type and document direction) can be transformed and routed, via numerous routes, into other applications, either internally or externally.

Business rules can be easily implemented using a technique known as ‘validating style sheets’. For example, you may wish to configure the system so that only incoming orders that contain valid product and delivery location codes are passed into your business systems with the details of any errors being automatically e-mailed to an administrator.

Features Summary

  • Multi-Format Transformation Engine (XML, EDI, HTML, CSV, Flat File)
  • Powerful Integration capability
  • Able to automatically initiate other applications to process the data as soon as transformation is complete
  • Intelligent Document Routing

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