Everything you need to know about Amazon’s gift wrapping services

The Christmas rush is nearly upon us and it’s important for Amazon merchants, as much as buyers, to be prepared to make the most of the opportunity for increased sales. All sellers should be upping their game at this time and if you’re not ready to offer at least an equivalent quality of service to your competitors, then you’re going to get left behind!


One of the best ways to get ahead of the game is by offering a gift wrapping service. Rather than you getting knee deep in sellotape and festive paper, all it really means is that you need to enable Gift Options in your seller account and add a couple of fields to your inventory file. It’s that simple!


About the Amazon Gift Wrapping service


This service allows buyers to send an item as a gift, wrapped up and placed in an appropriate bag or box, with a decorative ribbon. The price won’t be displayed to the recipient, although there is an option for the customer to allow the price to be included on the packing slip. Please bear in mind that it’s not possible to offer gift options for Amazon books, music, videos or DVDs.


Why offer Gift Wrapping and Gift Messaging?


Depending on the dates your customers are making their Christmas purchases,  as well as the sort of account they hold, your customers may or may not get a free gift wrapping service. If they don’t, then they’ll be paying extra to get each individual item gift wrapped. Although you’re probably familiar with the question – can’t I pay one flat fee and get all of my purchases gift-wrapped? (and its answer) – No! The price of gift wrapping each item depends on its size – do you get the feeling this messing about at the checkout might put an obstacle in the way of the closing the deal?


We can reassure you it won’t. Selecting to have gifts wrapped at the Amazon checkout is far less hassle than gift wrapping the item yourself. Every busy buyer will be aware of this fact and grateful that you’re offering the service. They’ll be happy to pay for your time, if it makes life easier for them!


To take the stress of servicing increased orders out of your life, we recommend you employ an Amazon Business Integration system to automate the process and efficiently alert you to any queries when you get them. This an effective way to help you streamline your sales processes. Why not let efficient EDI take care of business for you?


It you want to offer a seriously cutting edge automated purchasing and delivery service this Christmas, please get in touch to find out more about our EDI systems. Our team will be able to talk you through everything you need to know. Please give one of our team members a call.

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