How Can Amazon Sellers Build a Brand?

Amazon offers a fantastic platform for e-commerce businesses; no one could ever dispute that. It’s the preeminent place people use to shop online and, as such, sellers on the site have access to a potential audience in the millions.

However, developing a brand while using Amazon isn’t an easy thing. Many people pay little attention to the seller they’re buying from, instead just seeing everything as ‘part of Amazon’. And if you want to develop a real, recognisable identity for your business, this can present a real problem.

That’s precisely why we’ve put together this guide to the essential steps you can take to achieve your goal of building a brand.

It Starts with Your Listings

The key to generating real, interested traffic to your Amazon store – and, in turn, building a brand and the loyalty that goes with this – begins with your keywords, product images and product descriptions.

The aim here is building organic traffic that makes people interested in the products you offer, demarcating you from Amazon as a whole. In terms of the images you use, you should provide multiple images that offer different views of the product, with the main image on a simple, white background. When it comes to the product descriptions, you should keep it tight and targeted on the benefits provided and the pain points negated. And – this is hugely important – every element you use must optimise for viewing on mobile devices. EDI managed services can help you ensure every facet of your product listing is just right, and EDI software can also make listing your products quicker and more efficient.

Create a Custom Storefront

If you don’t mind a small outlay, you can create a bespoke appearance for your business with Amazon Storefront.

The reasons for doing this are many, but the two most powerful arguments for creating an Amazon Storefront are the fact that it gives your brand a real, visual presence on the platform and, perhaps even more importantly, you can gain real insight into data like daily visitors to your store, page views, sales and more. Alongside this, Storefront also gives you the ability to add image keywords to boost search rankings.

EDI software, which integrates the Amazon platform and your in-house systems, can help you ensure you hit all the right marks in terms of feeding products to your Amazon Storefront with targeted, optimised listings.

Utilise Your Packaging

When it comes to creating a brand, there are few things more important than awareness. Getting your brand in front of people is a powerful way to tell them what your business is about instantly. The best brands do this with unique, appealing design – something that speaks to what they represent.

Packaging is one of the easiest and most potent ways to disseminate your brand, and it’s worth taking the time to put serious thought into this area. Branding is all about perception, and there’s no better way to impress than with quality products delivered in branded packaging.

Amazon Business Integration can help boost the efficiency of your Amazon e-commerce business, linking your in-house systems with Amazon for a holistic, fully-linked approach. Get in touch today.

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