If an Uber turned up with ‘L’-plates on it, would you get in?

car with L-plate

I suspect that the answer ranges from “probably not” to a resounding “no!”.  However, let me explain the reason behind asking this rather strange question.  It all comes down to confidence.  In most important things in life, the preference is towards having confidence in service providers. 

For example:

AdvanceFirst Technologies Ltd (AFT) can certainly demonstrate this – we have over 350 man-years of experience – not just in EDI but also in systems automation and related consultancy.  It is safe to say that we ditched our ‘L’ plates a long time ago.

Now, let’s talk about Amazon. 

A lot of sellers use this marketplace.  These sellers will have had to negotiate a whole obstacle course of bureaucratic challenges in order to become an Amazon merchant.  Most of those merchants would likely say that it has been worth it in terms of the volume of business generated.  The Amazon system itself has been honed over the years to provide a streamlined process for merchants to sell their goods and for customers to buy them.  The system has many protections built into it, both technical and legal, making all those who use it feel safe about doing so.

The same can be said for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) system.  For those who are unaware of it, AWS is Amazon’s offering in the web and data hosting arena.  Unlike most data centres, however, it is almost completely under the control of the user.  Server updates can be performed in a matter of minutes with a few clicks of the mouse – and a modest fee, of course.

However, this isn’t a sales pitch for Amazon’s services.

The point is that a similar set of systemic and administrative protections that are present in the better known marketplace are also in place in AWS.  For this reason, AFT use AWS extensively in their managed services provision (MSP).  In addition to this, the AFT MSP makes good use of the latest in .Net and SQL technology.  This ensures that the MSP is capable of high traffic throughput with the most efficient use of server resources.  The efficiency of data storage and retrieval is also inherent in the technology. The upshot of all this is that there will never be a need to reduce the quality of the service should transaction volumes increase (unlike, say, Netflix who reduced the quality of their streaming during the lockdown).  So, if your business is doing well under lockdown, or indeed at any other time, you can be confident that the AFT MSP will be able to keep up with you.  Let’s keep pace together.

AdvanceFirst are a leader in intelligent EDI solutions with over 350 man years of experience in delivering solutions tailored to the needs of individual supply chain orientated businesses.

For more information email enquiries@advancefirst.com briefly explaining your immediate areas of interest - or call us on 01932 230024. We can then arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our business automation specialists to identify where our automated, intelligent EDI solutions can make a real difference to your business operations.
Rob Edgell

Rob Edgell

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