Is Amazon the Most Innovative Company in the World?

No company in the world – not Apple, not eBay – has interests in as many diverse sectors as Amazon.

From cloud storage to online retail to bricks and mortar stores, Amazon has different arms that show just how ubiquitous and powerful the company has become. And the one thing all these areas of the Amazon empire have in common is the innovation they bring to that particular sector. Amazon doesn’t do anything if it isn’t sure that their offering is unique and primed for success.

Customer Focussed

While all businesses like to think they are focused on providing the best possible service or product to customers, no one nails the practice like Amazon.

Take, for example, Apple. Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world – alongside Amazon – but their products aren’t about delivering the best possible service as quickly as possible. Apple’s approach is about building and cultivating a brand that’s as much about lifestyle and aspiration as it is about the product. But Apple tells its customers – via making old products redundant and favouring new offerings – which products to use.

Amazon, on the other hand, has a laser-like focus on making their services as quick and easy to use as possible, whether it’s product delivery, watching movies or the staff-less quick-pay model of their Amazon Go physical stores. And this drive towards convenience and innovation is precisely what has powered Amazon to keep improving and keep offering customers better, easily accessible services.

In-Built Value

One of the main reasons Amazon benefits from such strong customer loyalty – and what has helped it grow to its current size – is the fact that Amazon offers real value in everything it does.

Take, for example, the Prime service. Aside from offering users proprietary access to a raft of products, Prime members also benefit from a revolving, always-updating roster of special offers on everything from eBooks to offers on local food and more. The upshot is that when someone makes a commitment to the brand – in this case in the form of a Prime membership – Amazon reciprocates, and the result is extreme brand loyalty.

The Same, But Different

When Amazon announced their intention to move into physical stores with Amazon Go, many people wondered why they would take a backwards step into the risky world of bricks and mortar retail. And then Amazon showed the world what they were going to do, and people understood.

When Amazon does something like open a store, they bring their innovative stance to bear. For Amazon Go, this translates as stores with no staff where people can pick up what they want and have Amazon take the payment later. Using in-store cameras and sensors, Amazon knows what shoppers pick up and how much to charge them. A store with no queues and no on-site payment is the dream of many a consumer, and Amazon recognised that fact. And, of course, Amazon can use the data they harvest from shopping habits, store layout and more to improve their Amazon Go stores in the future. And that’s an example of true innovation.

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