Is Your Supply Chain Really As Efficient As It Can Be?

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CWT - The Hundredweight Supplier Solution With The Lighter Feel!

Is Your Supply Chain Really As Efficient As It Can Be? 1Given that the 80/20 rule seems to apply everywhere, it’s likely that if you are wanting to EDI enable all of your Suppliers (and you should want to in most cases), up to 80% cannot justify an integrated solution or do not have ERP systems to integrate to!

“But why bother to EDI enable all of my Supply Chain, surely having most of my business purchases which are achieved with my top 20% of Suppliers is good enough!”

It’s a bit like “ what did the Romans do for us?” if you start to think about it!

Ask yourself these questions:

Community Web Trader (CWT) is the answer, and is now available in a variety of forms. It complements the integrated solutions, that you may have, for rolling out to Suppliers; and if you are not doing that, we can help you there too with our EDI Managed Services.

CWT will come with a configured set of Document types (Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, and Delivery Notes, etc).

Call 01932 230 024 to find out how we can help you setup with our Community Web Trader solution.

Tony Engleman

Tony Engleman

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