Morphy Richards Toasts AdvanceFirst’s EDI Solution

Morphy Richards Toasts AdvanceFirst's EDI Solution

Currently more households in the UK have a Morphy Richards product than any other small appliance brand. Never has it been more important for them to find innovative ways of meeting consumer needs as well as adapting to new methods of retail distribution. EDI now plays a pivotal role in being able to satisfy changing customer and consumer needs as efficiently as possible.

Morphy Richards was an established user of EDI software on their iSeries platform. Due to a notable drop in service levels and an unreasonable increase in costs, over time, they needed to look elsewhere, in order to keep up with the pressing demands of their customers. They had heard about AdvanceFirst Technologies from an AdvanceFirst customer who had previously been in a similar situation to themselves. That client told them that AdvanceFirst had an excellent and comprehensive in-house EDI solution as an effective replacement, and at reasonable charges. This was thoroughly investigated and a decision was made to move ahead.Prior to moving ahead, Morphy Richards were sceptical about having a solution that did not actually reside on their core iSeries, but after seeing the extensive functionality of Advance Business Collaborator (ABC), after it was demonstrated to them, they soon realised that it had been designed to work well with the iSeries; and that an independently located EDI solution was better for their overall system infrastructure strategy. ABC’s multiple communication ability and XML capabilities, both key in this modern age, were identified as key decision making components.

“The implementation and training was performed by the Technical Director personally, who came on site, and since has been excellent background support for us on the rare occasions that we have needed his assistance. The software is fully functional and handles every possible EDI scenario with ease. There was need a keep up with the pressing demands of the Morphy Richards’ customers, whose needs were growing due to market changes and their new requirements” said Trevor Burrows, the IT and Supply Chain Director at Morphy Richards.

“We liked the ease and flexibility of the solution and the fact that the translation software was a language rather than a basic drop down menu; this meant that it could be used for every possible situation that we needed to address for each customer. During the thorough training, over a couple of days, we were soon writing complex maps, required for our expanding business environment” said Russell Dalgety, the IT Services Manager.

AMOS Solution removes all the complexities and day to day concerns of electronic trading

  • No VAN costs to you or your trading partners. Your trading partner is provided with Ultra-Secure communications software installed in minutes via a simple download.
  • By using AMOS, should you wish to take the operation in-house, we will work with your company to migrate, manage and implement this change.
  • Experience with our users shows that the demands of customers are becoming more varied and diverse and vary across a wide variety of messages types and communication methods. With AMOS, all you need to do is to send your standard documents to AMOS and we’ll do the rest, leaving you to deploy your IT resources on mission critical applications and the core business.

Call 01932 230 024 to find out how much we can save you in time and cost by using AMOS our EDI Outsourcing Solution.

AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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