Ring Automotive (an Osram company) motors forward with Intercept-400

Car parts, spares and accesoires. Auto service and car repair workshop concept.

Ring Automotive, a well-known leading product supplier to the aftermarket, has been a client of AdvanceFirst for some 17 years! Users of the highly established Intercept-400 product for heavy duty EDI, running across all models of IBM’s iSeries range, Ring also uses other products from the AdvanceFirst range of business solutions.

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Using the Intercept-400 product has allowed Ring to confidently provide quality service to its Retail Customer base, knowing that the high reliability of the product mirrors the quality of IBM’s iSeries, complementing it perfectly.

But how good is a product without service to match?

“Whilst rarely required, when help is needed in the form of advice or otherwise, such as assistance in producing a map or requesting the full creation of a map, AdvanceFirst have always been on hand to provide service second to none, as is expected from the provider of quality software designed specifically for the iSeries” says Paul Whittaker, Head of Information Technology at Ring Automotive. 

“Some of the powerful technical features include versatile data integration & transformation, complete end-to-end document tracking & auditing and support for all current EDI standards (XML, TRADACOMS, ANSI X12, EDIFACT etc) as well as their subsets. Although other suppliers of EDI solutions have contacted me over the years, never have I been tempted to change or look closely at an alternative. Basically, it does its job in a sound, reliable manner, slotting neatly into the engine of our business, a bit like a quality car part that proves to be worth every penny spent on it”.

Call 01932 230 024 to find out how much we can help you with the most popular IBM iEDI solution and do ask about our onboarding of Suppliers service too!

AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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