ROM reinforce their internal solutions with Advance Business Collaborator (ABC)

ROM edi managed service with AdvanceFirst case study

As Users of AdvanceFirst AS400 based EDI solutions, ROM were visited for an update on AdvanceFirst’s new Intel based solutions. Although interesting to ROM, their robust i400 software, that they used for many years, supplied by AdvanceFirst, was doing a good job for their EDI requirements. ROM had been doing EDI for several years with companies like Jewson, NMBS and Travis Perkins; this was primarily for the exchange of documents such as Orders, Invoices and Stock Movements.

Shortly after the “update” meeting, a non-EDI requirement came up for ROM, and remembering the substance of the original meeting, Kevin Parker, Group IT Manager at ROM felt that the Intel-based solution (Advance Business Collaborator) could address this need. The requirement was for transferring files from a “Legacy Manufacturing system” to a “SAP Financial system”, changing the format so that the data could be imported into SAP; specialised Middleware software for such functions tended to be extremely expensive!

On closer investigation by Kevin, it was deemed to be spot on for the job, very reasonably priced and it subsequently proved to be vital part of the ROM IT infrastructure. Being part of the Spanish Celsa Group, it was also envisaged that it could have a substantial role in Group activities.

“Internal systems are now integrated with each other without the excessive costs traditionally associated with such required functionality”

ROM Group is the UK’s leading manufacturer of reinforcement steel solutions, their strategic priority is to further enhance our innovative approach in simplifying their customer’s requirements and exceeding their expectations. They have the engineering expertise and commitment in providing lower cost and safer options that meet the needs of the user. Within their business they encourage a hunger for new ideas, new technologies and new ways of working, to secure sustained competitive advantage for their company.

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AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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