Tesco Underwriting chooses ABC and Intercept 400 for its EDI needs

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When Tesco Underwriting were looking for a solution to manage multiple links and message flows between their Brokerage community and internal business applications, they chose “Advance Business Collaborator (ABC), a market-leading EDI management software suite from AdvanceFirst Technologies.

The Solution

The solution facilitates connectivity and data exchange between Brokers to Tesco Underwriting’s own IBM iSeries mainframe, managing the translation and routing of thousands of business transactions every day in a variety of different formats and standards.

Information flows seamlessly between Brokers and Tesco Underwriting so that new quotes and policies can be created and cancellations can be addressed. Similarly the back flow of data relating to the processing of claims, claims notifications and settlements at Tesco Underwriting is communicated back to Brokers via the same Advance Business Collaborator platform.

ABC platform diagram - EDI for IBM iSeries

Easy to use and low cost, Advance Business Collaborator is an Intel based EDI software suite specifically designed to satisfy the needs of organisations who prefer to manage their EDI message flows in-house with their own technical resources. ABC is available as both a stand-alone software solution or part of AdvanceFirst Technologies managed EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Services suite which provides full ERP and business applications data integration, flexible connection options and message routing connecting whole communities of trading partners together across numerous market sectors.

The solution is one of the most established and trusted EDI solutions available today and capable of handling millions of transactions simultaneously due to its multi-process, multi-threaded architecture which massively increases throughput capability and performance.

As part of the overall process, Tesco Underwriting also use Intercept-400,  AdvanceFirst Technologies’ EDI management software for the IBM iSeries for archiving, data storage and managing CUE (the industries Claims Underwriting Exchange).

Nigel Uphill, Business Change Manager at Tesco Underwriting explained,

Tesco Underwriting uses AdvanceFirst, and their market-leading EDI software solutions, because these solutions both work and have proven to be extremely reliable and stable. AdvanceFirst always treat us as a valued a customer and with thousands of messages being exchanged with our business partners and trading communities each day, we have to feel totally confident in who and what we use to manage our critical business data.

Call 01932 230 024 to find out how we can help you with your in-house EDI management needs as well as our proven professional service solutions to upscale onboarding your business partners.

AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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