The top 5 habits of successful Amazon merchants

The top 1% of Amazon merchants have not had an easy journey to get where they are today – high on all the search listings, with exceptional sales and in a position to grow their successful businesses further. To reach this point takes hard work and a lot of mistakes along the way. However, we’re here now to reveal those mistakes, in order to help you avoid them and take a shortcut into the ranks of the privileged few! Let’s take a look at 5 habits successful Amazon sellers all naturally adopt on their way to the top.

1.     Product Research

Creating a listing on Amazon is easy, perhaps too easy, but you have to remember that time is money and that’s what you’ll be throwing away if you don’t carefully study the competition before you throw your weight behind a product. Listing a product without knowing enough about it could lead to you selling it at a reduced profit, or even a loss.

In the worst case scenario, it could mean putting yourself at odds with Amazon’s compliance policy and getting your account suspended. Your product range is part of your brand and will affect how your customers view your business. Your reputation is at stake.

When you’re doing your research, the details you’ll want to compare with similar listings is who’s selling them and how much for. Check the sales rank of the product, the profit potential and any listing restrictions to ensure you don’t breech them. Do your sums before your choose your product and you’ll find you should walk into high sales figures faster.

2.     Pay attention to wording

If you’re not working on a plan to appear higher in the searches for your product, you may as well give up now! Customers won’t be able to buy your product if they can’t find it. You need to consider that the words you choose need to appeal equally to the search algorithms and the humans reading them. Also, those words need to be unique, so as to avoid duplication. You can spend hours carefully choosing your keywords to beat your competitor’s listing, but is it at the cost of including some eye-catching descriptions that will make your customers sit up and take notice of your product?

Think about the words that searches will pick up on and your customers will be inputting. More than likely they’ll be the brand, model name, number, size and colour of your product.
By all means use the market research that you did on your competitor’s product, especially if it looks like they’ve hit upon a winning formula. Take what they have and make it much better!

3.     Set yourself some goals and check your progress

When you made your first listing, did you know how much you were going to make? Perhaps you didn’t, but now you’re more of an experienced seller, you have a better idea of the profit you need to hit. If not, why not?

Successful Amazon merchants work backwards. They set the goals first, by outlining how much money they’d like to make, then problem-solve until they achieve their goal. Remember to be mindful of the fact that you’ll need to move the goalposts, when you’re in a position to grow your business. It’s easy to stay within your comfort zone but you can bet that no successful Amazon sellers are happy to languish in the sales ‘comfort zone’. Aim high and reap the benefits.

4.     Your product range is important

As soon as you hit upon the winning formula and a product you’ve listed is selling in a way that you didn’t believe possible, it’s easy to forget that you still need to protect yourself against failure. You have become the competition and others will be copying you. It won’t be long before similar listings creep out of the woodwork and potentially reduce your sales. For this reason, it’s never good to put your faith in just one product. Have a great range of products, that all perform well, so you have something to fall back upon, should sales drop.

5.     Utilise Amazon Business Integration

Your sales processes will make or break your business. In order to get great reviews, you need to provide a great service and you can only do that with an efficient process in place. Delegating your sales processes to Amazon Business Integration will free up your time, remove some of the mundane tasks that are much better handled in a reliable, automated manner and give you peace of mind that your presence on Amazon is growing in a positive manner.

We appreciate that every company is different, which is why we’d like to talk to you informally about tailoring our automation system to suit your exact needs. Are you ready to begin your trajectory towards the top 1% of Amazon sellers? Then give us a call.

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