What are the Biggest Selling Departments on Amazon?

There are so many products available on Amazon that divining which departments offer the best prospects for your business is sometimes tough.

With millions of unique products on offer, knowing where to expand or adapt your offerings is tricky, yes, but it’s also essential for boosting the performance of your business. Get it right, and you could end up riding the crest of a very profitable wave, ignore the most popular departments, and you might languish in anonymity.

With all this mind, we’re going to run through the current biggest selling departments on Amazon to give you a little inspiration and insight.


It was the position of many that the age of internet dominance and access to such a vast array of entertainment would spell the end of the humble book. In reality, wider access to both physical and digital books has made reading more popular than ever – and that’s why the department sits atop the Amazon Best Sellers list.

It’s never been easier for people to find the book they want, no matter the subject matter or obscurity of the text they’re seeking. Cookery books are a particularly popular sub-category, with celebrity chef and health-boosting offerings very much dominating the department. Book are a strong department on Amazon and one worth investigating.

Electronics & Photo

Going back to all that technology we were talking about above, the Electronics and Photo department of Amazon is hugely popular. It’s always in the top three biggest selling departments and that won’t change anytime soon.

It should come as no surprise that this many of this department’s biggest sellers are Amazon’s products like Echo, Firestick and Echo Dot. Alongside this, various iterations of iPhone cable are extremely popular – and it’s no surprise they’re all options that offer a longer cable length than the ones included with Apple’s iPhones.

Rounding out the best selling products in this department are batteries, which take a surprising amount of the top seller slots.

PC & Video Games

There has never been a better, more centralised place for gamers to get their fix than Amazon and the PC & Video Games department is always one of the most robust departments on the site.

The best-selling items in the department are almost always console games, with PlayStation 4 games the clear winner. The rest of the most popular items tend to be peripherals like additional controllers, with Nintendo games here and there and a couple of spots take up by Xbox One games.

PC games don’t rank in the top twenty best sellers in PC & Video Games, and that’s not surprising because PC gaming is more niche than its console counterpart. If your Amazon business requires an automated and fully integrated EDI messaging solution, get in touch with Amazon Business Integration today. We can help improve the processes of your business and help you maximise your bottom line.

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