Working together to provide a first class service to the motor industry aftermarket for TecCom

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AdvanceFirst Technologies (AFT) worked closely with TecCom to provide complete automated solutions for their auto parts suppliers.

TecCom is the leading B2B platform in the international automotive aftermarket. Use of the TecCom service aims to simplify and automate business processes between part manufacturers and wholesale traders.

Utilising the ATP (Advance Transaction Processor) solution from AFT, TecCom suppliers on numerous platforms, but initially the IBM iSeries (AS400/Power i) will be able to install a high speed, multi threaded connection through from TecCom to their back-end systems and parts catalogues. This will facilitate multiple high speed enquiries, followed by orders being placed with those parts manufacturers directly from automotive customers through the TecCom service.

The above diagram provides an overview of the context in which the service runs.

The core of the service is the Advance Transaction Processor (ATP) software from AdvanceFirst Technologies. This provides the client with the ability to link multi-threaded, high speed and high volume transactions through from TecCom to their back end systems and internal parts catalogues.

The ATP software needs to be integrated with the client’s internal systems but comes pre-configured with TecCom transaction profiles.

All the customers are connected to the TecCom exchange and run either a TecCom free standing product called TecLocal (probably the smaller users) or they will have integrated the TecCom interface directly into their back office systems (larger users).

The above diagram provides an overview of the AdvanceFirst Http Web Processor named ATP (Advance Transaction Processor)

ATP (Advance Transaction Processor) HTTP Middleware Web Processor

  • Connection to iSeries requires that both the Windows Server and the iSeries have the IBM Client Access installed which provides the IBMDA400 driver.

  • TecOrder Http initiator POSTs transaction to the AdvanceFirst Http processor.

  • ATP Http Connection Manager detects new connection, accepts data, creates a new Transaction manager thread and passes data over for processing by the Transaction Manager and then returns immediately to listen for new Http connections.

  • Each new transaction uses a connection to the iSeries from a previously created connection pool to significantly improve performance.

  • ATP Transaction Manager reads the received XML data and identifies the Transaction type against those defined for the service and executes each XSL or ADO processing step. There can be any number of steps defined for a transaction to either execute a style sheet transformation or make a connection over ADO to the iSeries to run a SQL command or stored procedure.

  • Optionally, if the defined ADO transaction step is required to execute sequentially rather than in parallel, then the ADO Processor will wait for any outstanding transaction of that type to complete before executing.

  • When all the steps for the transaction have been completed, the resultant XML will be returned to the initiator of the Http transaction.


AdvanceFirst are a leader in intelligent EDI solutions with over 350 man years of experience in delivering solutions tailored to the needs of individual supply chain orientated businesses.

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AdvanceFirst Technologies

AdvanceFirst Technologies

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